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Standards Development

Standards Development

We provide certification against both external and internal standards as appropriate to the circumstances of the applicant. We also work closely with standards development bodies like the Proof of Age Standards Scheme, British Standards Institution, European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the International Standards Organisation on new and emerging standards in the field of age assurance.

A full list of standards that we currently utilise is available on our Internationally Recognised Standards Page.

We are significantly involved in standards development work, both internally and externally. We regularly invite stakeholders to comment on our standards. You can submit your comments by email to info@accscheme.org.uk or through our Contact Us Page.

We are currently seeking views on the following draft standards:



Currently under development:

ACCS 5: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Age Check System Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans

ACCS 6: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Parental Consent or Social Proofing for Age Gateway Technologies

ACCS 7: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Digital ID & Attribute Trust Frameworks

ACCS 8: 2021 – Technical Requirements for Ambient Lighting Analysis of Age Check Capture Sub Systems

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