About Governance Policy Registry

Agechecked Ltd - PAS 1296:2018 and UK GDPR

Scope of Certification

Assessment of Primary Credentials – agechecked rely upon other 3rd party trusted partners to assess primary credentials and provide data as to whether or not a user is over 18 years of age.

Methods of Age Verification – Mobile Telephone Number, Credit Card,  Electoral Roll.

The Checks of Conformity included assessment under ACCS 2:2021 Technical Requirements for Data Protection and Privacy, being criteria approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office in accordance with the Commissioner’s tasks and powers under Articles 57(1)(n) and 58(3)(f) pursuant to Article 42(5) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

ACCS 0:2020 General Scheme Rules

ACCS 2:2020 Technical Requirements for Data Protection and Privacy

ACCS 4:2020 Technical Requirements for Age Check Systems

Incorporating PAS 1296:2018 Code of Practice for Age Check Systems

Certificate Decision Report - Issue Date 29/11/2022



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