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Innovative Technology Ltd - Age Estimation Technologies 

Innovative Business Park, Derker Street, Oldham, OL1 4EQ

Scope of Certification

ACCS 1:2020 Technical Requirements for Age Estimation Technologies

The Innovative Technology Age Estimation Device v1049 (Target of Evaluation) assessed on or before 29th March 2021 can be stated to accurately estimate the age of person of nominal age 18 as being under the age of 25 with 98.85% reliability. The mean absolute error, mean predicted age, upper and absolute tolerances were all within the permitted parameters as set out in ACCS 1:2020 Technical Requirements for Age Estimation Technologies.

ACCS 2:2021 Technical Requirements for Data Protection and Privacy

Criteria approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office in accordance with the Commissioner’s tasks and powers under Articles 57(1)(n) and 58(3)(f) pursuant to Article 42(5) of the UK General Data Protection Regulation.


The Target of Evaluation has been tested for inherent bias, but the sample size was insufficient to draw statistically valid conclusions. The Target for Evaluation has not been tested for Data Protection and Privacy controls, Age Appropriate Design, Data Interchange Formats, Presentation Attack Detection, Vectors of Trust, Penetrations Testing or Security Protocols as a part of this Evaluation.

Executive Summary

Innovative Technology Age Estimation Testing - Executive Summary


Certified On 01/12/2020

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