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A raffle is a gambling competition where you stand the chance to win a prize by matching a ticket drawn randomly - not all raffles are age restricted

Your local small charity or school raffle probably doesn't have age restrictions (even if the prizes would be age restricted if sold - like alcohol), but organised commercial raffles may well have age restrictions associated with them. A commercial tombola (a Christmas tradition in parts of Italy) or meat raffles popular in the US and Australia may also be covered by local gambling laws.


How can the Age Check Certification Scheme help raffles?

We test that age check systems work. We do this through audits, test purchasing and mystery shopping. We can provide the industry standard signage and provide specialised training for full time and casual staff.

Why do I have to get this done?

Commercial Raffles can be subject to strict licensing conditions. Local charity and school raffles are not likely to be restricted or controlled. The penalties for failing to comply with licences can be substantial including the forced closure of the premises. 

What posters and materials do I need to be compliant?

You may be required to display certain posters or warnings in relation to raffles at the premises.

Our shop has all of the materials, posters, badges, signs and policies that you need to comply with local laws.

What training do I need for our staff?

As a minimum, you should regularly remind your staff of the rules concerning age restricted goods. However, to be fully protected, you should put your staff through a structured training programme, as a part of when they start work with you. This training programme should be using certified materials and recorded.

How do I get my age check systems tested?

If you want a test purchase carrying out at your premises, you can book this through our shop.

If you’ve got a programme of test purchasing activity that you want to discuss with us, then just get in touch. We can provide discounts for programmes of activity. We would be happy to prepare a bespoke proposal for you or to respond to an invitation to tender.

Our test purchasing and mystery shopping services are available in most of the G20 Group of Nations and the European Union.


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Our studio allows us to make a detailed analysis of all types of the age verification process and enable us to guarantee our clients high standards of quality.

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We apply internationally recognised standards to provide robust, impartial and independent third party certification and validation of systems and processes used by age verification service providers.

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