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Social Media Providers

Anyone selling age restricted goods, content and services online, including on social media, needs to take action to prevent children from being able to access those products.

You may be needing to carry out age verification through your online checkouts or at the point of delivery to the customer or both. Implementing the technical age verification systems is only part of demonstrating compliance for your online services.

Social media services themselves are also under obligations to age verify the users on their platform to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

How do I get my age check systems tested?

The first stage of gaining certification for your system is for us to undertake an Application Review in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012. There is no fee for the completion of an application review.

During the application review:

  • Define the scope of certification;
  • Confirm the means available to perform all evaluation activities;
  • Confirm our competence and ability to perform the certification activity;
  • Confirm a plan for audit and evaluation;
  • Provide an Estimated Fee for our Certification Services


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Our studio allows us to make a detailed analysis of all types of the age verification process and enable us to guarantee our clients high standards of quality.

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We apply internationally recognised standards to provide robust, impartial and independent third party certification and validation of systems and processes used by age verification service providers.

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