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Ambient Lighting Analysis

Age Check Systems that use cameras or devices to capture images are prone to diminished performance under different ambient lighting.

If a device is intended to be deployed in low level lighting (such as in a hospitality venue) or under flashing lighting (such as in a casino or gaming arcade), then it is necessary to carry out appropriate Ambient Lighting Analysis.

Our Testing Studio is fully equipped with multiple controlled lighting rigs to provide a full spectrum of test scenarios for all circumstances, including indoor and outdoor lighting.

How do we carry out Ambient Lighting Analysis?

As far as possible, we seek to replicate the likely lighting scenarios at the type of venue that the equipment is likely to be deployed in. This can include:

  • Bright LED gantry lighting – equivalent to a supermarket
  • Sodium Yellow lighting – equivalent to a hospitality venue
  • Strobe lighting – equivalent to a regulated entertainment venue
  • UV lighting – equivalent to a sunbed studio
  • Multiple Flashing lights – equivalent to a gaming machine or venue

The lighting can be directed ambient to the presentation object (i.e. the person being age estimated) or the detection device (i.e. the camera) or both.

In addition to the effect of lighting on the presentation object, there can be adverse effects of lighting on the detection device, caused by issues like:

  • Glare - which occurs when one part of the visual field is much brighter than the average brightness to which the detection device is adapted
  • Colour effects – which occurs when the detection device is lit by different artificial light sources, or by daylight under changing sky conditions, may appear to vary in colour
  • Under monochromatic light sources - such as low-pressure sodium discharge lamps, colours will not be identifiable a detection device may not perform properly
  • Stroboscopic effects – can confuse detection devices When the magnitude of these oscillations is great, Presentation Attack Instruments will appear to be stationary or moving in a different manner. This is called the stroboscopic effect.
  • Flicker - Light modulation at lower frequencies (about 50 Hz or less) which is visible to most people, is called flicker. Detection Devices can be sensitive to flicker and it is especially detectable at the edges of the visual system’s field of view.
  • Veiling reflections - are high luminance reflections which overlay the detail of the Presentation Attack Instrument. Such reflections may be sharp-edged or vague in outline, but regardless of form they can affect Detection Device performance.
  • Infrared and ultraviolet radiation - Some lamp designs also produce significant emissions at infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, both of which are invisible; Some Detection Devices also rely upon Infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
What jurisdictions are Ambient Lighting Analysis applicable to?


What standards, laws or regulations apply to Ambient Lighting Analysis?

ISO 8995-1:2002 Lighting of work places — Part 1: Indoor

How do I get our Age Check System tested for Ambient Lighting Analysis?

The first stage of gaining certification for your system is for us to undertake an Application Review in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012. There is no fee for the completion of an application review.

During the application review:

  • Define the scope of certification;
  • Confirm the means available to perform all evaluation activities;
  • Confirm our competence and ability to perform the certification activity;
  • Confirm a plan for audit and evaluation;
  • Provide an Estimated Fee for our Certification Services

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