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Advanced Practitioner in Age Restricted Sales Enforcement

Advanced Practitioner in Age Restricted Sales Enforcement

The only structured training for age restricted sales enforcement is back with two courses this spring. This popular, two-day course covers all the advanced skills required to deploy age restricted sales enforcement in a legal, safe and effective manner.

Who should participate in the course?

Aimed at Law Enforcement and Community Safety Professionals engaged in tackling the sale of age restricted goods to children and young people. This includes Trading Standards Officers, Police Officers, Community Safety Officers, Licensing Officers and Town/District Centre Managers. The course is also suitable for legal professionals working in the retail sector or in private practice. The course is not intended for those practicing in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What are the aims and objectives of the course?

The aim of the course is to provide advanced practical training for anyone engaging in or contemplating under age sales enforcement. The course will enable participants to confidently lead enforcement activity, plan and effectively deploy test purchasing operations, undertake analysis and investigation of company due diligence systems, advise businesses on age restrictions and maintain effective records and policies.

What will I learn about on the course?

By the end of the training, delegates will:

  • Be able to identify and explain why some products are age restricted.
  • Have the ability to identify and categorise age restricted products and refer to relevant legislation.
  • Describe and apply the Framework and Codes of Practice relevant to Age Restricted Enforcement (published by Regulatory Delivery).
  • Have awareness of age verification techniques, including the PASS Proof of Age Standards Scheme and developments in technology including PAS 1296:2018 (Online age checking).
  • Be able to effectively plan and deploy under age sales enforcement activity in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice, case law and legislation (including health and safety and employment of children legislation).
  • Be equipped with practical experience of undertaking a test purchase operation in a live retail environment.
  • Have the ability to describe the strategic context within which under age sales enforcement sits.
  • Be able to confidently analyse, investigate and advise on effective business due diligence systems relating to under age sales.
What skills will I learn on the course?

Skills gained by attending

  • A detailed understanding of Age Restricted Sales legislation.
  • Planning and execution of enforcement activity, including risk assessment, safety procedures and compliance with the national code of practice.
  • An understanding of Retail Due Diligence systems for age restricted goods.
  • An understanding of officers powers and duties relating to age restricted goods.
  • Ability to judge effective prevention mechanisms and proportionate enforcement action.
  • Practical experience of test purchasing exercises in a live environment.
When is the next course and how do I book?
Next course dates:

28th - 29th March 2023 Birmingham



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