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Our Chief Executive is also the Co-Chair of the UK Government's Expert Panel on Age Restrictions, facilitated by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). 

The Expert Panel - Age Restrictions was set up to discuss areas where there is ambiguity in terms of how regulation should be properly interpreted and put into practice in relation to age restricted products and services. The Group aims to provide leadership and advice to both regulators and businesses on best practice to achieve compliance with age restricted sales legislation. By utilising the diverse expertise of the group, it is intended that businesses and regulators will have confidence in the advice and guidance offered by the group, which should help to achieve consistency in approach. Decisions will be reached by general consensus, based on the best available evidence and good practice available at the time. Please note that sensitive business or enforcement information should not be discussed or disclosed in this group due to the diverse membership.

There is further information about the Panel available on the KHUB Platform.


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