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Test Purchasing

We carry out online and in-store test purchasing and mystery shopping across the UK to ensure that your age verification systems work and employees are properly checking young people for ID.

If you sell age restricted products or services, you should invest in age check test purchasing to ensure you’re operating responsibly, demonstrate compliance, protect your brand and avoid being penalised or fined by Trading Standards or local authorities.

Our test purchase visits are conducted by our growing network of 18 & 19-old test purchasers, covering all of the UK, through a custom-built Android & iOS app which they can use easily on their smartphone. If you have an online store, we ask the same demographic of testers to attempt to buy age restricted products from your site to see if they are ID-checked.

We know test purchasing can sometimes be laborious, so we’ve used digital technology to transform it into a seamless and more accurate process - helping our clients save time and money, and improve their brand image through the powerful business insights we provide. Our service also makes your life easier because:

  • All reports are time and date stamped, geocoded and delivered electronically;
  • Advanced analytics gives full business insights beyond pass/fail or basic benchmarking to map continuous improvements and reduce risks;
  • Integrated e-certification management system provides you with direct access to the results;
  • Lower costs to you due to our investment in digital technology;
  • Easy switch over service using our inhouse onboarding service;
  • There’s no area in the UK we can’t cover with our network of fully trained and accredited test purchasers in all UK postcode areas.

This service is provided to a range of customers, across a variety of sectors. For more information on each sector and more details on how the process works, see below…

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