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What a Test Purchaser does?

Our team of test purchasers visit shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas and websites to help us to test that age check systems work. This may involve trying to buy age restricted goods, content or services; sign up to accounts or test biometric systems, like age estimation tools.

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We test that age check systems work. We do this by replicating real world transactions by visiting stores, venues and websites. We also test the algorithms that are used by your systems to make age check decisions. Explore our services pages for the full range of test purchasing activity that we can undertake,

Test Purchasers Requirements

  • From 13 to 25 years old*
  • Must have ID & rights to work in the UK
  • Must have a working phone - Android / iPhone & means of travel
  • Complete online webinar training – 20 minutes 
  • Be honest & reliable in your recordings
  • Offline & Online Test Purchase jobs available 
  • Must have / set up a PayPal account

* NOTE: typically test purchasers work on goods where they are 1 - 2 years older than the age restriction in place.

Our state-of-the-art app enables our test purchasers to capture live, geo- coded, time stamped results providing instant feedback on age check performance.


All of our test purchasers are provided with an independently accredited qualification in mystery shopping. You'll be required to go through an induction process, online training tool and undertake some competency assessments, including some visits to gain your qualification - which is free-of-charge to all of our mystery shoppers.

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